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AC Doctor INC 33W AC Adapter Charger 19V 1.75A Power Supply Cable for Asus C200 C200MA C300 C300MA 33W ADP-33AW Adapter, VivoBook S200 X200 X200CA X200MA X201E X202 X202E K200MA F200CA F200MA

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

New 19V 1.75A 33W AC / DC adapter 19V DC power supply cord cable battery charger with 4.0mm*1.35mm small tip.

Compatible with Part Number:
Replacement for:

Asus Vivobook:S200 S200E S220 X200T X201E X202E F201E Q200E EXA1206CH Asus Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302LA-BBI5T14 Laptop 13.3
Taichi 21 UX305FA X553M
Asus Chromebook 11.6″ C200 C200M C200MA C200MA-DS01; 13.3″ C300 C300M C300MA C300MA-DB01
Asus VivoBook ZenBook F201E F202E EXA1206UH EXA1206CH EXA1206EH
Asus E402MA E403S E403SA E502MA notebook PC

Asus VivoBook X201E: X201E-DH01 X201E-KX003H X201E-KX006H X201E-KX009H X201E-KX022H X201E-KX040H X201E-KX042H X201E-KX096H X201E-KX097H X201E-KX098H X201E-KX099H Asus VivoBook F201E: F201E-KX052H F201E-KX063H F201E-KX064H F201E-KX065H F201E-KX065DU F201E-KX066H F201E-KX066DU F201E-KX067H F201E-KX067DU F201E-KX068H F201E-KX068DU
Asus VivoBook X202E: X202E-DH31T X202E-CT001H X202E-CT006H X202E-CT009H X202E-CT025H X202E-CT987G X202E-CT987 X202E-CT3217

Compatible Part Number: ADP-40TH A, EXA1206CH, 0A001-00330100

1x AC adapter
1x Free power cable

Please note:
1. Both 2-prong and 3-prong adapters with compatible cables can be used with no issues 3-prong is not necessarily better than 2-prong e.g.Apple and Toshiba all use 2-prong adapters.
2. The advantages of 2-prong adapters include lighter weighted smaller size for easy carry out etc.

Sold and shipped exclusively by AC Doctor INC. 12 Months warranty.

UL Listed AC Charger Fit for Asus X553MA X553S X553SA X553 X453MA X453M X453SA X453S X453 X541UA X541UV X541UJ X541U X541S X541SC X541SA X541NA X541N X541 VivoBook Max Laptop Power Adapter Supply Cord

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Charger 180W 150W 120W AC Adapter for Asus-ROG-Gaming Laptop Power-Supply-Cord – G501JW G501VW GL503 GL552VW G750JW G750JX G750JM GL551 GL752VW G751JL FX504 Long 12 Ft UL Listed

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

180W Asus Rog Laptop Charger,19V 9.5A 180W Asus Rog Power Adapter Compatible Asus Rog G55 G55VW G46VW G70 G75 G75VW G75VX A53 A53S G750JM G750JS G750JW G750JX G751JL G751JM G752VL G752VT FX5

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Laptop Notebook Charger Asus UX360C X553M Q302L Q504UA Q304U S200E X201E X202E X541NA X542UA X540S X540SA X541N Q200E C202SA C300SA E402WA Adapter Power Supply (Only Compatible with Models Listed)

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Asus C202 X512FA UM431DA X412FA V412F V412FA S431FA M509DA M712DA S532FA S432FA F407UA F712FA F509UA F540UA F509FA F512DA L406MA F512DK UX434FAC UM433DA UX562FA S531FA MJ401TA J401MA X509FA UX333FA S412FA S512FA S530FA E203M E203MA E402S E402SA E403N E403S E406MA E406S F510U F556U F556UA L203MA Q200E Q302L Q304U Q405U Q406DA UX305 UX305F UX310U UX330U UX410 X200CA X512DA X540S X553M K505ZA S14 S430UA X420 X420UA X512UA S430 UX305C E200H X553S TP300L TP203N TP301U E203 E203MAH E406 E406SA E502NA F510 F510UA S406UA S530UA UX410UA UX461FA X407 X407MA X407UA X407UB X407UF X441BA X441MA X441MB X441UA X441UB X507MA X540 X540BA X540MA X540MB X540UB X541SC X555YA X507 X507UA C202S C202SA F441 F441B F441BA F441S F441SA F541UA L402 L402M L402MA L402NA L402S L402SA L402W L402WA R541 R541U R541UA UX301LA UX306 UX310 UX430 X405UA X540NA X542UA X541NA UX3410UA TP401CA TP203NAH Q405UA Q304UA E403NA E402WA E203NA C301SA 200E X200 X200M X200MA X202 X202E X540L X540LA X540SA X541N X542BA X553 X553MA X553SA Q200 Q302 Q302LA Q302U Q302UA Q304 Q503 Q503U Q503UA Q504 Q504U Q504UA Q525UA Vivobook Flip Zenbook UX31A UX301 UX301L UX302 UX302L UX302LA UX303 UX303L UX303LA UX303LB UX303LN UX303U UX303UA UX303UB UX305CA UX305FA UX305L UX305LA UX305U UX305UA UX32A UX32VD Prime Taichi 21 31 ADP-65AW A EXA1206CH 1015E D553M E402 E402M E402MA E403SA F200CA F553M F553MA F556 K200MA K401 K401L K401LB K553MA K556 K556U Q303 Q303U Q553 Q553U Q553UB R540S S510 S510UA X102B X102BA X200L X201E X541 X541S X541SA X541U X541UA X556 X556U Zenbook U38N UX21A UX330 UX330UA UX360 UX360C UX360CA UX360U UX360UA UX430UA Transformer Book T300L T300LA TP300LA TP300 TP300LD Chromebook C200 C200M C200MA C300 C300M C300MA C301 A540L A540LA BX21A BX31A BX32A C300S C300SA C301S D553 D553MA E203N E402NA E402N E403 F302 F302L F302LA F553 F102 F102B F102BA F402BA F402B F402 K200 K200M K556UQ K556UR K556UA Q324 Q324U Q405 Q505U Q505 Q525U Q525 R416SA R416S R416 R515 R515M R515MA R518 R518U R540 R540SA S200 S200E S510U

Laptop Notebook Charger for Asus UX360C X553M Q302L Q504UA Q304U S200E X201E X202E X541NA X542UA X540S X540SA X541N Q200E C202SA C300SA E402WA Adapter Power Supply 

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

UL Listed AC Charger Fit for Asus Vivobook 15 X540S X540SA X540SC X540L X540LA X540LJ X540MB X540MA X540M X540BA X540B X540 X540N X540SA-SCL0205N X540LA-SI30205P Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

ASUS 90W Laptop Charger AC/DC Adapter for K52F K52J K53E K53S K53SV K53U K55 K550LA K55A K55N K55VD (Compatible with Models Listed only)

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

This Asus laptop charger is 90W. It only works with the models of laptops listed. Please check your model is one listed for compatibility with this device.

Delta Electronics Laptop Charger for Asus E203M Q405U AD2066320 C202S UX305F UX301LA UX32A UX305 X540 UX31A Q304U UX301LA UX461UA UX305CA UX305LA UX330CA UX303L UX330 Adapter Power Supply

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Asus UX330UA-FC115T UX330UA-FC118T UX331UAL-1C UX331UAL-1D UX331UAL-EG003T UX331UAL-EG020T UX331UAL-EG020TS UX331UAL-EG022T UX331UAL-EG041R UX331UAL-EG041T UX331UAL-EG047T UX331UAL-EG050T UX331UAL-EG052T UX331UAL-EG054T UX331UAL-EG058T UX333FA UX3410UA UX3410UA-GV028T UX3410UA-GV078T UX3410UA-GV079T UX3410UA-GV080T UX3410UA-GV081T UX3410UA-GV128T UX3410UA-GV129T UX3410UA-GV133T UX3410UA-GV138T UX3410UA-GV139T UX3410UA-GV140T UX3410UA-GV149T UX3410UA-GV215T Asus UX3410UA-GV265T UX3410UA-GV475T UX3410UA-GV578T UX3410UA-GV579T UX3410UA-GV628T UX3410UA-GV629T UX3410UA-GV633T UX3410UA-GV638T UX3410UA-GV639T UX3410UA-GV640T UX3410UA-GV641T UX3410UA-GV643T UX3410UA-GV646T UX3410UA-GV939T UX3430UA-GV009T UX3430UA-GV010T UX3430UA-GV012T UX3430UA-GV068T UX3430UA-GV140T UX3430UA-GV301T UX3430UA-GV348T UX3430UA-GV375T UX3430UA-GV376T UX360 UX360C UX360CA UX360CA-1A UX360CA-1B UX360CA-C4008T UX360CA-C4020T UX360CA-C4215T UX360CA-C4231T Asus UX360CA-DQ198T UX360UA UX360UA-1A UX360UA-1B UX360UA-1C UX360UA-AS78T UX360UA-BS51 UX360UA-C4010T UX360UA-C4026T UX360UA-C4122T UX360UA-C4132T UX360UA-C4154T UX360UA-C4159T UX360UA-C4160T UX360UA-C4164T UX360UA-DQ119T UX360UAK UX360UAK-BB283T UX360UAK-BB284T UX360UAK-BB285T UX360UAK-BB295T UX360UAK-BB351T UX360UAK-BB352T UX360UAK-BB354T UX360UAK-BB356T UX360UAK-C4203T UX360UAK-C4221T UX360UAK-DQ456T UX401UA UX401UA-GV010T UX401UA-GV027T UX401UA-GV028T UX401UA-GV063 Asus UX401UA-GV064 UX410UA-AS74 UX410 UX410UA UX410UA-GV010T UX410UA-GV017T UX410UA-GV018T UX410UA-GV027T UX410UA-GV028T UX410UA-GV031T UX410UA-GV036T UX410UA-GV059T UX410UA-GV069T UX410UA-GV155R UX410UA-GV158T UX410UA-GV216T UX410UA-GV255T UX430UA-GV001R UX430 UX430UA UX430UA-1A UX430UA-1D UX430UA-2B UX430UA-2C UX430UA-77DHD UX430UA-DH74 UX430UA-GV001R UX430UA-GV002T UX430UA-GV003R UX430UA-GV004T UX430UA-GV006T UX430UA-GV007T UX430UA-GV018T UX430UA-GV035T UX430UA-GV046T Vivobook Flip TP301UA-DW296T TP301UA-WB51 W202 X505BA

UL Listed 7.5Ft AC Charger Fit for Asus C100 C100PA C100P C100PA-DB02 C201PA C201P C201 C201PA-DS02 ADP-24EW B Chromebook Flip Notebook PC Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord (Square tip not fit Type C)

Last update was on: Sunday, October 4, 2020


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